LenSpetsSMU delivers 83 ths sqm of NSA at Swallow’s Nest


CJSC SSMO “LenSpetsSMU” (part of Etalon Group) has delivered four residential buildings and two stand-alone multilevel parking buildings with a total NSA of 83.1 ths sqm at its Swallow’s Nest project in St. Petersburg. The 24-storey buildings contain 1,426 flats and the car parks contain 537 parking spaces.

Swallow’s Nest is located in the Nevsky district of St. Petersburg. The total NSA of the project is 334 ths sqm, of which 189 ths sqm was already delivered in 2013.

This and other recent announcements are available on the Etalon Group website: www.etalongroup.com/investors/news/


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