Etalon Group Signs Strategic Agreement with Sberbank


On 16th October 2014, Etalon Group has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Sberbank to 2024. The agreement was signed by Sberbank Senior Vice President Alexander Bazarov and Etalon Group CEO Anton Evdokimov. The agreement covers a broad range of potential areas, ranging from project finance, funding of investment transactions, mortgage lending to individuals, joint public-private partnerships, as well as industrial and infrastructure construction. Cooperation with Sberbank at PPP will improve the situation with the construction of social and engineering infrastructure in new areas and will help to find forms of cooperation with public authorities.

Etalon Group has planned construction of social facilities in the amount of about RUB 2.4 bn by 2018. In addition, a partnership between Etalon Group and Sberbank will give foreign industrial companies operating on the territory of the Russian Federation ability to develop their business. It is expected the implementation of several projects during the 10-year cooperation in the field of mortgage lending to individuals. Several project finance agreements have also been signed between Sberbank and Etalon Group for the Company’s Emerald Hills project in the Moscow Metropolitan Area, with RUB 7.6 billion of funding already invested.

Etalon Group CEO Anton Evdokimov said: “The potential amount of this new 10-year phase of the strategic partnership is estimated at up to RUB 150–200 billion. Where others see threats, we see opportunities for continued sustainable growth and development. History shows that the best business results are achieved by the companies that combine their efforts to get a good synergistic effect. Cooperation with Sberbank, first of all, is the reliability, stability and dynamic development".

Sberbank Senior Vice President Alexander Bazarov said: “We have been working with Etalon Group for over 14 years, during which period has been built more than 200ths sqm of real estate with financing support from the Sberbank. Sberbank participated in the placement of Eurobonds by Etalon Group subsidiaries, and has provided bank guarantees of over RUB 1 billion. We hope that signed partnership agreement will allow us to implement projects at a higher level”.


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Deputy CFO

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