LenSpetsSMU made repayment on all its obligations in dollars


On 24 March 2014, CJSC SSMO LenSpetsSMU made an early repayment on the outstanding balance of debt owed to OJSC Bank ZENIT in full for the initial amount of USD 20 mn.

Repaid line was the last dollar borrowing in the loan portfolio CJSC SSMO LenSpetsSMU. The early repayment decision was made within the scope of optimization of the company’s credit portfolio, including minimizing currency risks.


Starting in 2010, in the framework of bilateral agreements between OJSC Bank ZENIT and CJSC SSMO LenSpetsSMU five loan contracts were signed for a total amount of 2.2 bn RUB and 20 mn USD. Now there are two revolving credit lines totaling 1 bn RUB up to 26.12.2017 loan indebtedness under which is 600 ml RUB.

Revolving line of credit opened on 16 August 2011 by OJSC Bank ZENIT totaling 20 mn USD up to 31.12.2015 was early repaid by CJSC SSMO LenSpetsSMU on 30 December 2013 in the amount of 2 mn USD and on 24 March 2014 in the amount of 18 mn USD.


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