Standard & Poor's assigns ‘B’ rating to LenSpetsSMU’s new stock-exchange bond issue


On 22th November 2012, Standard & Poor’s rating agency awarded a credit rating of B / ruA / for CJSC SSMO LenSpetsSMU’s stock-exchange bond issue. S&P’s decision confirms the possibility of the bond's inclusion in the Russian Federation Central Bank’s Lombard List, which is of current interest for many investors following the market (holding a rating not lower than ‘B’ is a prerequisite for a bond's inclusion in the Lombard List of the Russian Federation Central Bank).

A complete version of Standard & Poor’s report is available on LenSpetsSMU’s financial web-site.


The current rating of CJSC SSMO LenSpetsSMU is B / Positive / B; ruA.

LenSpetsSMU is the first Russian construction company to receive and post credit ratings from Standard & Poor's, the largest and most stringent international rating agency.

The ‘B’ international scale rating shows that the company has the capacity to meet its financial commitments on obligations in full and on time.

The outlook revision expresses the opinion of Standard & Poor's on the possible revision of direction for the corporate credit rating in the medium term. A ‘positive’ outlook means that the corporate credit rating may be raised.

The ‘ruA’ national scale rating indicates that the company is characterised by a moderately strong capacity to meet its financial commitments on obligations in full and on time, as compared to other Russian issuers.


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