LenSpetsSMU delivers 91 779.6 sq m in the first half of 2012


During the first half of 2012, LenSpetsSMU delivered 17% of all commissioned building in St. Petersburg. This translates as 91.8 thousand of the total 541.4 thousand square metres commissioned. The number is attributable to the phase completion on three projects:

Prestige residential estate (20.06.2012) – 22 537.9 sq m

Orbit residential estate (29.06.2012) – 46 131.0 sq m

Etude residential estate (29.06.2012) – 23 110.7 sq m

The completion of these projects in June coincided with LenSpetsSMU’s 25th anniversary.

Further information on all commissioned projects is available at LenSpetsSMU’s financial web-site.


Elena Kazakova

Head of Public Relations

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Yana Yashchenko

Deputy CFO

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