LenSpetsSMU meets eighth coupon redemption obligations and amortization of БО-02 series bonds


On 24 May 2012, LenSpetsSMU fulfilled its obligations to investors for the redemption of the 8th coupon and 20% amortization of the БО-02 series of bonds (reg. 4B02-02-17644-J dated 12.04.2010) in full and on time.

In total, 54.2mn rubles of the coupon and 400mn rubles of the nominal value were paid off on 24 May 2012. The coupon was paid at a rate of 27.11 rubles per bond, translating as 14.50% of the annual coupon rate. The nominal value was paid at a rate of 200 rubles per bond.

As of 10 May 2012 bonds series БО-02 has been trading at a price of 104.73% above par at a duration of 0.58 years; generating yields of 6.53% per annum.

Based on these redemptions, the credit portfolio now stands at 331.0mn USD as of 24.05.2012, with net debt at 130.3mn USD.


The exchange bonds series БО-02 for the amount of 2.0bn rubles was placed on 27 May 2010 on a 3-year term. The loan structure does not provide for any put options.

The arrangers of the loan are Alfa-Bank (OJSC) and Promsviazbank (OJSC).

The paying agent of the loan is Promsviazbank (OJSC).

Standard & Poor’s rating agency assigned the credit rating ‘B’ according to the international scale for this bond issue.

MICEX SE included the bonds in the Quotation List “B” for December 2010.

LenSpetsSMU’s exchange bonds БО-02 series are included in the list of securities accepted in the provision of direct REPO transactions by the Central Bank of RF.

In addition to the direct REPO list, since 2008 LenSpetsSMU has featured on the Bank of Russia List of Organizations (a list of companies whose bills and indebtedness can be accepted by Central Bank of Russia as security for credit given to commercial banks), and since 2010 has also featured on section V.2 of the Bank of Russia Lombard List.


Elena Kazakova

Head of Public Relations

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Yana Yashchenko

Deputy CFO

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