LenSpetsSMU places on Expert’s North-West TOP-25 most profitable list


On 25th October, “Expert North-West” journal released its list of the 250 largest companies in North-West Russia with LenSpetsSMU placing at 52 overall. In terms of revenue for construction companies, LenSpetsSMU took 3rd place, and 22nd place in the TOP-25 most profitable companies.

LenSpetsSMU climbed 10 places since 2009 in the overall rating, from 62nd to 52nd. The construction sector was represented by 29 companies with LenSpetsSMU taking 3rd place.

Separately, the analysts at “Expert North-West” journal shortlisted the most profitable companies (by profit before tax, as well as net profit). LenSpetsSMU took 22nd place in this rating (pre-tax profit of 4.6 billion rubles in 2009, Net profit of 3.4 billion rubles).

The complete version of the rating was published in “Expert North-West” #42-43 on 25th October 2010.


In 2010, LenSpetsSMU was listed with the following ratings:

05.10.2010 400 largest enterprises in Russia according to RA “Expert” – 261 overall (93 places up compared to 2009) and 6th place among construction companies.

09.27.2010 500 largest Russian companies according to “Finance.” journal – 297 overall (115 places up compared to 2009) and 12th place among construction companies.


Natalia Menzel, Head of Public Relations

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Viktor Vasenev, Deputy CFO

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