LenSpetsSMU enters Expert’s 400 largest Russian companies list once again


On 5th October, “Expert” journal announced its list of the 400 largest Russian companies withLenSpetsSMU placing at 261, 93 places up from last year.

On the main list, LenSpetsSMU took 261st place in terms of revenue, 49th place in rate of revenue growth, 89th place in terms of profit before tax and 90th place in terms of net profit.

The construction sector was represented by 14 companies against 25 companies in 2008. Out of these, LenSpetsSMU took 6th place in revenue volume (up from 21st place in 2008). LenSpetsSMU shares 2nd place in its rate of revenue growth (up 40.0% from 2008) with Moscow-based Group ‘Inteko’ on profit before tax (4.6 billion rubles.), and 2nd place in terms of net profit (3.4 billion rubles).

The complete version of the rating is available on “Expert RA” web-site.


On 27th of September 2010, LenSpetsSMU placed on the “Finans” list (“Finans-500”) together with 31 other companies from the construction industry. Based on the results of 2009, LenSpetsSMU showed growth in all key indices (revenues – by 40%, operational profit – by 61%, net profit by 159%, equity by 111%) and placed 297th in the total rating (up from 413th place in 2008 and 486th place in 2007).

The complete version of the rating is available on “The Finance.” journal’s web-site.


Natalia Menzel, Head of Public Relations

tel. (812) 348-21-25, e-mail: menzel_n@lenspecsmu.ru

Viktor Vasenev, Deputy CFO

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