Saint-Petersburg Administration acquires a kindergarten and a school from LenSpetsSMU


On 30th December 2009, a deal for the purchase of Rainbow project's kindergarten and school was made between LenSpetsSMU and The City Property Management Committee. The deal amounted to 523 million rubles.

Etalon-LenSpetsSMU Group specializes in estate development and executes the construction of all infrastructure required for comfortable living under its own forces including the construction of preschools, schools and other community facilities.

Rainbow is a new residential complex constructed by LenSpetsSMU in the Frunzensky District. The complex consists of four 14-25-storeyed residential buildings, a fitness centre, kindergarten, school and also built-in commercial premises.

The total area of the projects acquired by the city is 15.5 thousand m2 (kindergarten 3.6 thousand m2; school 11.9 thousand m2).

LenSpetsSMU intends to continue its successful collaboration with St. Petersburg Administration for the provision of community projects.


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