LenSpetsSMU enters “Expert” 400 largest Russian companies rating


On 2nd October “Expert” magazine announced its rating for 400 largest Russian companies according to their revenue. Entering this rating for the first time, LenSpetsSMU was placed at No.354.

The construction sector in a rating is presented by 25 companies, among which LenSpetsSMU took 21 place on revenue volume (2008 year’s data according to IFRS – 13.0 billion rubles). Analysts of rating agency "Expert" have noted serious falling of growth rates of a revenue of builders in 2008 y-o-y – 9.2 % against 34.8 % respectively. Against such background LenSpetsSMU took 3rd place according to increase revenue (+46.3% by 2007), 3rd place according to earnings before tax (2.5 billion rubles) and 6th place according to net income (1.3 billion rubles). Out of the 18 companies from Saint-Petersburg LenSpetsSMU achieved 14th place.

The full details of the rating are available on-line at “Vedomosti” newspaper’s site as well.


On 28th of September 2009, LenSpetsSMU achieved No. 413th place (72 positions higher compared to 2008) in a similar rating in “Finans” magazine (“Finans-500”). There were 37 companies from Saint-Petersburg in that rating; LenSpetsSMU achieved No.30 among them. The companies’ evaluation was based on their revenue volume. Such factors as operational and net income, value of total assets and equity were given for reference. 32 construction companies took part in the rating; LenSpetsSMU achieved No.24th place among them.

The full details of the rating are available on-line at “Finans” magazine’s site.


Mikhail Dukhovny, Director of Corporate Communications Department
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