LenSpetsSMU has completed another project in the industrial construction field


On 2nd September, there was an opening ceremony of substation No.167 Volkovskaya, a new element in the electric power system of Saint-Petersburg. Governor Valentina Matvienko did the ceremonial opening of the new substation.

The General Director of OJSC Lenenergo, D.V. Ryabov, the General Director of Etalon-LenSpetsSMU Holding, D.V. Zarenkov, and the General Director of OJSC MRSK Holding, N.N. Shvets, also attended the opening ceremony.

Lenenergo acted as the Customer of the substation and LenSpetsSMU - as the General Contractor. The Governor pointed out that Volkovskaya was a state-of-the-art and completely automated project which the city was in need of to provide Frunzensky and Moskovsky districts with solid electric power supply.

First of all the substation will become the power source for the underground of the Frunzensky radius which is under construction now. Volkovskaya and Admiralteyskaya stations will be connected to this substation. It will also provide electric power to new living quarters in Kupchino and help lift restrictions on the connection of new consumers in Frunzensky district. The restrictions exist because four substations working in this part of the city have become outdated and exhausted their capacities.

State-of-the-art equipment, that meets all safety standards, has been installed in the substation. Volkovskaya is completely automated and doesn’t require employees’ permanent occupation. The condition of the equipment will be controlled by mobile operation teams. The management and operation of the substation will be carried out from the control unit of OJSC Lenenergo.

LenSpetsSMU annually increases volumes of industrial construction. The cash inflow by this kind of activity for 8 months of 2009 has exceeded the cash inflow for 8 months 2008 in 2 times and for the similar period of 2007 in 6 times.

You can see the photo-report of the ceremony in the section “Photos and Videos”.


Even though the main activity of LenSpetsSMU is civil (residential) construction, the company also has extensive experience in industrial construction. In recent years LenSpetsSMU has completed the following projects:

- Construction of a the finished products warehouse and renovation of Vena Brewery,

- Work on the renovation of Konstantinovsky Palace,

- Complex of work on the site preparation for the construction of General Motors Plant,

- Initial construction work (piling, foundation work) for Toyota Car-Assembly Plant,

- Construction of the office building, container hard-standing area, logistic area and fuel-supply station for Ford Car-Assembly Plant,

- Construction of the test track and access road for Nissan Car-Assembly Plant,

- Construction of the foundation of the multifunctional shopping centre VINCI Construction Grands Projects,

- Construction of the foundation of the water-cooling tower and main building of the North-West Heating Power Station,

- Construction of a terminal building for Pulkovskaya Customs,

- Construction of a workshop preparing ship sections at FGUP Admiralty Shipyards, and others.


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