LenSpetsSMU has fulfilled its obligations in relation to the coupon payment of the bonds 02 series


On 22nd July 2009, LenSpetsSMU fulfilled its 6th coupon payment obligation in relation to the bonds 02 series (4-02-13346-J dated 25.05.2006) to the investors. The coupon was paid in full and on time.

In total 34.0 million rubles was paid off, at a rate of 58.59 rubles per one bond, which equals the 11.75 % annual coupon rate.

The coupon payment didn't require any special measures to be taken and/or any additional borrowing. In accordance with internal financial policy the cash for payment was accumulated ahead of time.


The bonded loan of 02 series was placed on 26th July 2007 for a term of 3.5 years and with an offer 2 years after the placement date.

LenSpetsSMU fulfilled its obligation in relation to the offer of 28th July 2008 in full and on time. Following the offer's results, 61.3 % (920,053 pcs.) of the total number of bonds were presented for buying-out.

The issuer announced the rate of the bonded loan as 11.75% annually for a period until the bonds redemption (20.01.2010).


Mikhail Dukhovny, Director of Corporate Communications Department
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