LenSpetsSMU initiated meeting of heads of construction branch enterprises and government of Saint-Petersburg


The meeting of the Heads of the construction branch enterprises with the Governor of Saint-Petersburg, V. Matvienko, took place in Smol’ny on the 25th of March 2009. Speaking on behalf of the entire construction community the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Holding Company «Etalon-LenSpetsSMU», Vyacheslav Zarenkov, proposed the complex of measures supporting the branch under crisis conditions to the authorities.

In opinion of Vyacheslav Zarenkov, the city government shall take more active part in the life of Saint-Petersburg construction complex nowadays. Therefore, he initiated the meeting of the construction company leaders with the heads of the city. The meeting took place in Smol’ny on the 25th of March and the measures supporting the construction branch of Saint-Petersburg were discussed during it.

It was proposed, particularly, to exclude at the regional level the interests for land payment by installments, cancel the payment for the right to construct the parking places and provide the permit for land lot lease right pledge.

The meeting turned out to be very fruitful; the city supported the majority of initiatives proposed by the builders. As explained by the Vice-Governor, Roman Filimonov, the city authorities are ready to take about 80% of all amendments and proposals made by the builders. According to R. Filimonov the issue on reducing the property tax of garage and building cooperatives will be considered, the so-called “tax vacations” for investment payments will be organized for the commercial objects till October.

The photos from the meeting are on the financial site of LenSpetsSMU.


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