LenSpetsSMU has fulfilled its obligations under the offer under series 02 bonded loan

On the 28th of July, LenSpetsSMU fully and in due time fulfilled its obligations to its investors under 02 series bonded loan (4-02-13346-J date 25.05.2006).

The Order of the General director of the issuing company (CJSC "CDR") dated 10th of July, 2008, stated the rates before paying off for the 5th, 6th, and 7th coupons in the amount of 11,75% per annum.

In the follow up of the offer, 61.3% (920,053 pcs) of the current number of bonds were presented for paying off.

The complicated financial situation at the market taken into account, LenSpetsSMU gives positive estimate to the results of the offer. Fulfillment of the obligations to the investors had not require any special and/or additional loans by LenSpetsSMU.