LenSpetsSMU will compensate interest under the credits directed on construction of an infrastructure in 2008

Two projects of LenSpetsSMU have been approved by Rosstroy Committee as investment projects for granting in 2008 for compensation of interest under the credits received in the Russian banks for providing the ground areas under housing construction with municipal infrastructure within the limits of the sub program "Providing of the ground areas with a municipal infrastructure with a view of housing construction" of the federal program "Dwelling" for 2002-2010 (30th of April, 2008, Minutes of the Rosstroy Committee No 13).

There are 139 projects which have been approved within the sub program mentioned above, including 6 in St.-Petersburg and two of them are projects of LenSpetsSMU ("Rainbow" - 180 000 sq.m. and "Jubilee quarter" - 650 000 sq.m.).