LenSpetsSMU has resolved on early payment of the bonded loan of series 01

Considering the low liquidity at corporate bonds market as a whole and that of the first issue of the bonds of CDR in particular (after the first put-option, about 70% of the issue was circulating), as well as considering the high level of liquidity of the company, the Board of directors of CDR, in accordance with the Resolution on the issue, has resolved on early paying-off of the bonded loan of 01 series (state registration number 4-01-13346-J dated 27.01.2005).

The date of obligations fulfillment for early paying-off (call-option) has been appointed on the 21st of February, 2008.

The administration of "Etalon-LenSpetsSMU" holding thanks all the investors for the credit to the company and hopes that the resolution on early paying-off of the first issue of the bonds will meet support and understanding of the investment and banking society.

The details and the order of the early paying-off can be accessed on the news strip and at the financial site of the company, as well as they have been published in newspaper "Izvestiya - Sankt-Peterburg" of 05.02.2008.