LenSpetsSMU has finished construction of 232 thousand meters of housing in 2007.

By the end of 2007, LenSpetsSMU has finished construction and had commissioned by the state commission 232 thousnad sq. m. of housing and commercial real estate. In 2007, the has been finished construction of "Grazhdanka City", "Grazhdanka City II", "Oktabrskaya quay" and "House on Bryantseva st." projects, as well as individual buildings in "Golden Bay" project.

The current project portfolio of LenSpetsSMU consists of 18 projects implying construction of 49 objects of real estate of total area of about 1.8 million sq. m. During the whole history of its existence, the company has successfully realized more than 30 projects with overall area over 1.7 million sq. m.