2006 Board of Directors of CDR (CJSC) took a decision on the allocation beginning date and offer term for the second bonded loan


On July 17, 2006, at the meeting of the Board of Directors of CDR (CJSC) a decision was taken to appoint July 26, 2006 as the second bonded loan of the "Etalon-LenSpetsSMU"-Holding allocation date.

According to the Resolution on the issue allocation end date is the earlier of two dates:
  • 15th business day from the start of allocation or;
  • the last bond allocation date.

    At the same meeting the term of the Issuer (CDR CJSC) fulfilling its obligations to purchase second issue bonds on request of their respective owners was determined. All requests having been duly received during the last 7 days of the fourth coupon period will be satisfied on the 3rd (third) business day of the fifth coupon period.