In St. Petersburg, in the 22, Kempinski Moyka’ Hotel a conference between the Holding administration, its investors and journalists took place.

On April 12, 2006, in St. Petersburg, in the Kempinski Moyka’22 Hotel a conference between the “Etalon-LenSpetsSMU”-Holding administration, its investors and journalists took place. The number of conference participants exceeded 100 people. Before the beginning of the meeting, all who wished had the opportunity to visit the office and projects of the Holding being built. The excursion lasted more than three hours and made a considerable impression on the participants. All who wished could also visit famous projects such as “Zolotaya Gavan,” “Morskoy Fasad” and “Morskoy Kaskad,” “U Rostralnykh Kolonn” (At the Rostral Columns) and others. For each project the excursion was headed by an officer of the Holding. At the meeting in the “Kempinski” Hotel there were representatives of Sberbank, Alpha-bank, Bank of Moscow, MDM-bank, Bank of St. Petersburg, Baltiysky Bank, International Moscow Bank, Zenit Bank, Absolut Bank, HansaBank, Credit Suisse, Dresdner Bank, European Bank of Development and Reconstruction and others. Also announced was the beginning of the realization of the joint hypothec program of the “Etalon-LenSpetsSMU”-Holding and “St. Petersburg” Bank. “St. Petersburg” Bank became the third bank that is ready to give hypothec credits to customers of the LenSpetsSMU, after AKB “ROSBANK” and North-western Bank of RF Sberbank.