JSC SSMO LenSpetsSMU delivers bld.1 of its Moscow Gates project


On 21 June 2016 JSC SSMO LenSpetsSMU received the permission to deliver the first building of its Moscow Gates projects which is constructing by the company within 5 minutes’ walk near the Moscow Gates metro station. The address of the building is Zastavskaja str. 44, lit. A.      

The first building consists of four sections with different number of storeys: from 10 to 12 and contains 240 flats from cozy studios to spacious four-room apartments. Total area of the building is 25 ths sqm.

Moscow Gates is a well-located project in the area with developed infrastructure. It comprises all the best from Soviet classicism with the modern approach to comfortable housing construction.


Savchuk Ksenija Valer'evna

Head of Public Relations

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Deputy CFO

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