JSC SSMO LenSpetsSMU (part of Etalon Group) successfully closes order book on purchase of exchange-traded bonds series 001P-01 with a total nominal value of RUB 5.0 bn


On 15 June 2016 it held a successful book building of the purchase orders on JSC SSMO LenSpetsSMU (part of Etalon Group) exchange-traded bonds series 001P-01 (identification number 4B02-01-17644-J-001P dated June 15, 2016).

According to the results of the book building, the coupon rate for the period of the bonds was set at 11.85% per one bond.

Exchange-traded bonds in the amount of RUB 5 bn with a five-year term and quarterly coupons have been offered to investors. Bonds redemption is planned on the amortization scheme starting from the 12th coupon. Duration will be 3.23 years.

During the book building demand exceeded the offering amount by 3.3 times and amounted to RUB 16.6 bn. The keen interest in the JSC SSMO LenSpetsSMU exchange-traded bonds allowed reducing marketing range for three times – from initial 12.50-12.90% to 11.85-12.00%. As a result the purchase order book has been closed at the lower end – 11.85%.

The organisers of this placement are Alfa Bank, FC Otkritie, Raiffeisenbank and Sovkombank.

Earlier, on June 3 2016, S&P Global Ratings affirmed long term ‘B+’ global scale rating. At the same time rating agency affirmed short term ‘B’ global scale rating and ‘ruA’ national scale rating. Outlook has been revised from Negative to Stable.

In view of bonds compliance with the requirements of the Central Bank of Russian Federation, JSC SSMO LenSpetsSMU is assuming that exchange-traded bonds will be included into Lombard List of CBRF as well as the list of securities accepted as collateral for REPO operations with CBRF.


On 29 April 2016 CJSC MICEX Stock Exchange assigned an identification number to JSC SSMO LenSpetsSMU (4-17644-J-001P-02E date 29 April 2016) exchange-traded bonds program series 001P. Within the program non-convertible interest-bearing documentary exchange-traded bonds in bearer form with mandatory centralized custody placing throw the public bonds offering can be placed with the maximum nominal value amounted to RUB 15.0 bn and with the maximum repayment period of 3 640 days starting from the placing of separate issue.

On 15 June 2016, CJSC MICEX Stock Exchange assigned an identification number 4B02-01-17644-J-001P to exchange-traded bonds issues series 001P-01 and included this issue into Second level of securities list admitted to circulation on CJSC MICEX Stock Exchange.


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