Moscow Exchange assigns an identification number to LenSpetsSMU exchange bonds program


On April 29, 2016, Moscow Exchange assigned identification number to LenSpetsSMU series 001P exchange bonds programme.

Main features of stated programme.

Identification number: 4-17644-J-001P-02E from 29.04.2016

Bonds features (in the framework of stated program): non-convertible interest-bearing documentary bonds with mandatory centralized custody placed by public subscription

The maximum aggregate nominal value of exchange bonds, which can be placed in the framework of the Programme: up to 15 000 000 000 (fifteen billion) rubles inclusively

The maximum maturity of the bonds in the framework of stated program: not more than 3 640 (three thousand six hundred and fortieth) day from the date of commencement of placement of a separate bond issue

Duration of the Program: not limited


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