LenSpetsSMU delivers 42 ths sqm NSA of the second building of its Samotsvety project


On 17 December 2015, CJSC SSMO LenSpetsSMU (member of Etalon Group) received the permit to deliver the second residential building of its Samotsvety project in the Vasileostrovskiy district of St. Petersburg. The second building, located on Vasilievsky Island, contains 646 flats with a total area of 42 ths sqm.

So, in 2015 LenSpetsSMU delivered two buildings of four of its Samotsvety project. As planned, in 2017 the project will be fully implemented.


The Samotsvety project consists of four residential buildings of up to 11 storeys situated in central St. Petersburg on an eight-hectare land plot bordering the Smolenka river embankment in the Vasileostrovskiy district. The total area of the project is 206 ths sqm, which includes 2 015 flats, 1 687 parking places and a kindergarten. Completion of the project is scheduled for 2017.


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