LenSpetsSMU launches sales for second and third buildings of Moscow Gates project


On 12th November LenSpetsSMU (a member of Etalon Group) announced that it has launched sales for the second and third buildings of its Moscow Gates project in Moskovskiy district of St. Petersburg.

The 18-storey second building of Moscow Gates project includes 629 flats. The third building consist of sections of up to 18 storeys and includes 288 flats. There are different installment plans, including installments until December 2018. During November 2015 for flats in these buildings there is a 5-percent discount on the first installment, or, in case of a lump sum payment, there is a 5-percent discount on the purchase price of flat. In view of discounts by discount cards, total discount does not exceed 8 percent.


Savchuk Ksenija Valer'evna

Head of Public Relations

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Yana Yashchenko

Deputy CFO

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