LenSpetsSMU launches sales for 7B and 7C buildings of Tsar's Capital project


On 2nd November LenSpetsSMU (a member of Etalon Group) announced that it has launched sales for the 7B and 7C buildings of its Tsar's Capital project in Central district of St. Petersburg.

The 10-storey 7B and 7C buildings includes 308 and 116 flats respectively, and commercial permises.


Tsar's Capital is the largest project of Etalon Group in the center of St. Petersburg. It is located in the area bounded Poltavskiy way, Mirgorodsakaya street, Kremenchugskaya street and embankment of Obvodniy canal. The total area of the project is 390 ths sqm. It consists of fifteen residential buildings, which includes 4 091 flats. The Phase I of Tsar's Capital was delivered in December 2013. The entire project is expected to be delivered in 2016.


Savchuk Ksenija Valer'evna

Head of Public Relations

+7(812) 348-21-25, e-mail: Kseniya.Savchuk@etalongroup.com

Yana Yashchenko

Deputy CFO

+7(812) 349-38-40, e-mail: Yana.Yashchenko@etalongroup.com