Targeting Key Markets: LenSpetsSMU Group is continuing to strengthen its position as a leading property developer in the St Petersburg Metropolitan Area. We also intend to continue expanding and leveraging our national sales network to boost sales in prosperous regions in Russia, further expanding our customer base and striving for sustainable growth.

Refining products and enhancing core competencies: LenSpetsSMU Group’s primary focus is on developing large-scale residential real estate complexes targeting the lower middle class and upper economy price segments. We plan to continue refining our product line through sales network feedback and tailoring future projects to meet changes in market demand. To meet the expected growth in demand in target market segments, LenSpetsSMU Group will maintain its vertically-integrated business model.

Focusing on capital efficiency through a disciplined approach to land-banking: LenSpetsSMU Group plans to maintain sufficient land reserves for sustainable development over the short to medium term. This strategy will enable us to minimise the time period between acquisition and development of land, assuring capital efficiency while also maximising returns.

Continuing to cultivate LenSpetsSMU Group’s market reputation: In addition to a strong track record in construction, LenSpetsSMU Group is a marketing-focused organization. We have extensive experience in generating sales based on the high quality of our product; striving to develop an extensive sales network throughout Russia and strong brand recognition in our key markets. LenSpetsSMU Group will continue to build on brand awareness through investment in the sales and marketing platform, and customer services. This will maintain LenSpetsSMU’s positive public image and enhance LenSpetsSMU Group’s reputation for reliability.

Maintaining a prudent and diverse approach to financing: LenSpetsSMU Group retains a conservative financing strategy. Our strategic aim is firmly placed on improving the structure of borrowings by lengthening the overall maturity profile of our debt, thereby lowering the cost of its borrowings and diversifying sources of financing.