LenSpetsSMU  Group’s current focus is expansion in St. Petersburg Metropolitan Area.

St. Petersburg is the home region for LenSpetsSMU Group. In 1987, the Soviet Ministry of Electronics formed a Special Construction and Maintenance Directorate in Leningrad which was headed by Viacheslav Zarenkov. This group later became LenSpetsSMU, the core entity of Etalon Group today. Throughout its history LenSpetsSMU has developed and delivered over 130 buildings with a total area of approximately 3mn sq m. We averaged an 11% annual market share of all residential completions in the private sector (excluding individual construction) in the region between 2000 and 2010. LenSpetsSMU Group plans to develop its position in the St. Petersburg Metropolitan Area as a homebuilder and also in industrial construction sector.

In 2002. the sales network (CJSC “CDR” – Central Department of Real Estate) was established for product and brand promotion. Currently 30 cities covered with 10 sales offices in St Petersburg and 10 sales offices nationwide. External professional marketing and sales service agents engaged nationwide.